Adult Video Script

Our adult video script (SOFTWARE) does not come pre-loaded with any adult video or image content. WE DO NOT SELL PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL OF ANY KIND.

The adult industry is worth billions every year! Are you taking advantage of this with your own profitable adult websites?

Our adult video script allows you to start your own adult industry website or websites, the script comes with an unlimited domains license allowing you to upload the script to multiple domains and have multiple income streams coming in from the ads placed on your sites.

As you may or may not know, this adult video script was designed and intended for sole use with VideoSwiper which allows you to connect your sites to a massive video search engine hosting millions if not billions of videos in in adult industry, by plugging in your new adult video script website to VideoSwiper you can mass embed videos at a rate of 5000 an hour and have multiple uploads to multiple sites happening at the same time allowing to build lightning fast.


Our adult video script is a very powerful script with many great social and video features and it helps engage your members in other activities away from just watching videos, the script as we said earlier was designed for mass embedding adult content, so you don’t get massive server bills each month.

In fact, we did some tests recently with our adult video script and another popular adult video script, we put both scripts on two separate high ranking domains already popular for adult traffic, we used mass embedding for our script and video uploading for the other, at the end of 30 days we had not only cranked up a huge server bill for web space and bandwidth with the other adult video script but because of all the server charges we ended up with 90% less ad revenue from our ad clicks.

In short our adult video script outperformed the other major adult video scripts on the market because it embedded only and at the end of the 30 days trial we had over 80% ad revenue remaining after costs, now I don’t know about you but if your in this business to make money from your site who cares if the videos are hosted on your server or not, the primary objective here is to make money from ad clicks and our script with embeds did better than the one with videos hosted on its server.

Let’s look at what you get with this adult video script ideal for any new startup.

  • Compliant with laws the script comes with adult warning triggered by cookies & sessions!
  • Our adult video script¬†can be used on unlimited domains!
  • Fully optimized for search engines with friendly URL’s using apache mod rewrite rules!
  • Embed videos from any adult website through the admin panel video embed function!
  • Valid video grabber account is optional to mass populate videos on your websites!
  • Mass video embedding script allows for 1000’s of videos to be added every single day!
  • Full video rating, commenting, flagging & favourites system for members!
  • Video playlists allow members to create a list of favourite videos in a playlist all users can play!
  • Photo galleries system to let users build photo albums with commenting, rating & favourites!
  • Adult stories section for user submitted stories with the rating, commenting and favourite stories!
  • Users personal profiles with full profile info editing, profile likes & other social networking features!
  • Follow & following system for users (profile subscriptions) includes block user system
  • Members and guest chat page, allow users to post on the message board shoutbox page!
  • Members internal messaging system allows users who have liked each other to send PM’s!
  • Full contact us page, ajax driven with full FAQ area, users can report bugs, get help!
  • Sponsored friends section to add friends of your site, comes complete with link categories!
  • RSS Feeds area where your video & story feeds are displayed for guests to use on their blogs!